Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Subject That Never Goes Out of Style

I am briefing a group of seasoned executives today on "Ethical Decision Making."

A grand time will be had by all.

BTW, my "ethics-related movies" list is in need of updating. It has included Braveheart; The Bridge on the River Kwai; Casablanca; Chariots of Fire; Fiddler On The Roof; Forrest Gump; Friendly Persuasion; Groundhog Day; Harvey; High Noon; It's a Wonderful Life; Key Largo; A Man For All Seasons; Nobody's Fool; Primary Colors; Schindler's List; Saving Private Ryan; Shoah; The Sorrow and the Pity; A Tale of Two Cities; The Third Man; To Kill a Mockingbird; and The Battle of Algiers.

Please recommend additions.


Vince Dunn said...

Absence of Malice

Michael Wade said...



I've just added it to the list.