Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Due Date

[Photo by rawpixel at Unsplash]

The due date was spoken of in hushed tones since to a few it was a quasi-religious commitment and others, equally soft-spoken, said it was a date from hell and that an extension was not just desirable but even damned necessary to avoid disaster but the adherents of the due date refused to budge because the due date had become more than just a spot on the calendar but instead was now a sign of change and hope and new direction and any objections were pushed aside because, as everyone knows, such dates are special and although logic would argue otherwise magic would surely appear.


twistedByKnaves said...

Was there no-one who had no idea whether the due date could be met, but who knew that that would be equally true of any other date?


Michael Wade said...


In the case I am thinking of, plenty of people knew the due date could not be met but the executives, not being close to the problems, were determined to keep the date even though it could be easily moved.