Monday, June 18, 2018

Random Thoughts

[Photo by Joshua Coleman at Unsplash]

There are few facial expressions more avoidable, more cruel, and more memorable than a slight smirk. ~ We carefully walk through the jungle, watching for gorillas, and are ambushed by baboons. ~ It is important to know what can go wrong without later making that knowledge an obsession. - Those who shout loudly against a matter may be cloaking their affection for it. ~ As soon as a leader is announced the associates and adversaries have a common question: How does this affect me? ~ There is a big difference between not having good manners and forgetting good manners but the importance of that distinction may be lost upon the victims. ~ One of the regrettable by-products of higher education is the damage it does to our handwriting. ~ In many respects, the translator is the co-author. ~ Front porch swings and open carports are remnants of a more trusting time. ~ Stylish failures seldom hesitate to lecture ill-bred victors. ~ Before dreaming of selling shoes to a million Chinese try selling them to fifty. ~ Three hours of absolute silence should be a weekly, if not a daily, ally. ~ Compare working at an intense and fast pace for 20 minutes with working at an intense but slow pace for 20 minutes. See which achieves the most. ~ The best use of email can be found in the ones with this underlying message: I'm here and you have not been forgotten. 

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