Tuesday, October 16, 2018


square white throw pillow on brown leather sofa chair

The room is cozy. Coffee is ready. Books and papers are scattered on the floor. The first draft is next to the computer and I am working on the second. Brief notes point me to the next steps. Any promising thoughts will be quickly jotted on a legal pad because painful experience has taught that when it comes to promising thoughts there are the jotted and the gone. 

I've wrapped the subject over my head, much as a hermit might do with an old blanket, and its proximity helps me to simplify the complicated. "Get it clear in your own mind" is my advice to self because this is a class and I'm expected to translate a lot of philosophy and management into a lingo that the audience will understand and remember.

And perhaps even enjoy.

Of course, they'll enjoy it. The subject is great and the instructor is a passionate fanatic who believes this is one of the most important damned topics in the world.

Passion is contagious.

[Photo by Ember and Ivory at Unsplash]

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