Monday, December 24, 2018

15 Wishes

orange leaf

It would be nice if the world:
  1. Stressed politeness more than laws.
  2. Had another George Gershwin.
  3. Could agree upon the basics.
  4. Had medical exams like those on Star Trek.
  5. Were just a little more stuffy.
  6. Had a large supply of great tailors.
  7. Listened to more jazz and less rap.
  8. Took a 30 minute walk once a day.
  9. Recognized how often we are surrounded by quiet heroism.
  10. Stopped trying to impress someone.
  11. Considered those who carry the heaviest burdens.
  12. Embraced the beauty of the unexpressed thought.
  13. Had an abundance of gratitude and a drought of envy.
  14. Sought to lift up more than tear down.
  15. Frequently paused to appreciate the mind-boggling miracle of life.

[Photo by Michael Weidner  at Unsplash]


Tim Baynes Art said...

A remarkable post, thank you so much, Came to me via good friend Nicholas Bate.
Michael ever good wish for 2019
Tim Baynes

Michael Wade said...


I'm glad the incomparable Nicholas brought us in touch.

Best wishes to you for 2019.