Friday, December 14, 2018

The Trick

surrealism photography of person reading news paper in fire while sitting on stool

The trick of reading the news is to determine how much of it is really new and how much of that is really important.

[Photo by Elijah O'Donnell at Unsplash]


Steve said...

This reminds me of the Ray Bradbury story "And the Rock Cried Out," about a U.S. couple stranded in South America after a nuclear way destroys the U.S. Most people they meet won't help, since they perceive North Americans as their oppressors, and not the power is reversed. There's a minor character who befriends them, and when asked if he's read the news of what happened to North America, tells them that he *never* reads a newspaper when it first come out, he always sets them aside for a few weeks, as most news isn't really important.

Michael Wade said...


Leave it to Ray Bradbury to come up with that. I confess to having a similar attitude. So many stories are like soap operas and can be followed after sizable lapses. Often, they are best followed after such lapses.