Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Giant and the Ghost: Structure and Transparency

worm's eye-view of forest

As you explore the possible reasons why an organization is not functioning properly, be sure to examine the structure and the transparency.

The structure is often accepted as something that just "is" and which must be worked around. Unfortunately, if responsibilities are blurred and accountability is vague then unnecessary conflict can arise, effectiveness will be eroded, and demoralization will set in. In short, no one will really know how the organization operates. Don't think a solution will be forced by crisis. Organizations can go for years with severe structural problems.

Transparency is important in a variety of ways but the one which I believe is most significant is that without it, you cannot have a true basis for evaluating performance. Some program or action may seem effective but, had we known all of the information, we would see that we are applauding a C performance in what could and should have been an A one.

In the deep forest of management issues, keep an eye open for the Giant (structure) and the Ghost (transparency).

[Photo by John Westrock at Unsplash]

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