Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Modern Cold

I remember the good old days when a cold lasted a week. 

Now, however, the damned things linger on with many a false recovery. I begin to feel like I'm back to normal and the next moment I'm reaching for a Kleenex box.

I've tried the natural cures as well as the usual array of store-bought medicines. All of them provide temporary relief, to one degree or another, but the cold drags on.

As I write this, however, there is the small sense that a turning point has been reached. I will know by this afternoon.



walt reed said...

Also known as the WalMart cold.

Michael Wade said...


I have never heard of that!


Kurt Harden said...

Michael -

I hope you feel better soon. It hit me a couple of weeks ago and I am just now shaking the remnants off. My wife and daughter have had it even longer.


Michael Wade said...



My wife is almost completely over it. I have some distance to go.

Very irritating.