Friday, December 21, 2018

"Ethics, Schmethics"

Bravo to Robert Boguski. He hits the bulls-eye with this essay on ethics and purchasing procedures

[I actually cheered while reading it.] 

An excerpt:

Not one word about when we can expect to be paid. Not one word either about their tacit expectation that, in addition to providing services, we will also provide interest-free, 90-day financing on those services. But a wonderful portal in that well-designed website, through which we may effectively plead our case to be paid. So, we play the game mainly because we don’t have a choice. Apply for early payment, and offer a bribe of 2% to them for the privilege of them granting what should be ours in the first place.

[HT: Doug Fine]


Eclecticity said...

Bob is a brilliant guy and a brilliant writer. Not surprised you appreciate him. You are both too! E.

Michael Wade said...


You are most kind. It was a great essay and I'm sure that you and I were not the only people who appreciated its insight.