Monday, August 05, 2019

Finding Insight Here By Looking Over There

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There may be a management lesson here.

Part of my weekend was spent reading some books on counterinsurgency strategies.

Call me Party Animal.

The focus stemmed from a general interest that I have in the subject and how the somewhat controversial concept was eventually adopted by the Pentagon. Another reason is that I have sensed that certain aspects of the strategy, with appropriate modifications, could be used in civilian settings.


I may be wrong but I want to think about it.

And that raises the subject of how we often find lessons applicable to Topic A by studying Topics X, Y or Z. There's nothing new about that process but what is exciting is when ideas can be sparked by exploring vastly different endeavors. 

Sometimes it helps to approach a topic from a completely unconventional direction.

Limiting time and resources can also nudge us into new and better thinking.

Get eclectic.

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