Sunday, July 12, 2020


This morning, the tow truck took my old car to an auto shop. I'll chat with the mechanics on Monday about its eccentricities.

Wrote two sections in my next book. One deals with a small but memorable administrative practice in an infamous organization. The other is related to espionage. 

Part of tomorrow will involve lining up and confirming coaching sessions for the next few weeks. Most of them will be on Zoom. Zoom is acceptable for established clients but it is less than effective when I'm meeting a new one. It's harder for me to study them.

Read part of a novel this morning. It's quite good and the story was moving along and then there was a part of a sentence that went "clunk." I sat there wondering why the author chose to phrase it that way. The choice may be clearer later because he's quite good. Another possibility: I'm hearing a "clunk" where it doesn't exist. 

[Perhaps I'm being subtly affected by my car.]

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