Saturday, October 02, 2021

The Thoughts

 The thoughts arrived in the early morning and, since I didn't have any writing material nearby, I chose to stay awake and think them through.

At least partially through.

And they became an idea. Once that happened, I shifted into full-scoffing mode, because falling in love with an idea is not wise until it has been batted around a bit and then batted some more.

The idea survived the initial scoffing and that was enough to convince me that I might be on to something. 

And so here I am, doing other things, but really thinking about the idea, exploring positives and negatives, and wondering how to present this to the client, who is expecting a garden-variety program which will look nice but will - an unspoken reality - have a short shelf-life.

Unlike the idea, which is designed to last, and yet that virtue is another alarm bell.

Assignment for the day: thinking and scoffing.

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