Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Geist Weight Chart

Ideal weight chart for fiftyish females and males:

Height: 5'0"
Small boned: 180 lbs.
Medium boned: 200 lbs.
Large boned: 250+ lbs.

Height: 5'6"
Small boned: 225 lbs.
Medium boned: 250 lbs.
Large boned: 300+ lbs.

Height: +6'0"
Small boned: 250 lbs.
Medium boned: 300 lbs.
Large boned: 400+ lbs.

Mr. Geist notes, "Using this system to calculate your own exact personal ideal weight, simply take your current weight and add 8 pounds."

Source: The Big Five-Oh!: Facing, Fearing, and Fighting Fifty by Bill Geist.

His book is, of course, must reading for those who have been fifty, are fifty, or some day expect to be fifty.


Eclecticity said...

Oh thank you oh thank you for the latest data for people like me.

In 14 days I become even less relevant! DF

Michael Wade said...

Is it birthday time in 14 days or have you decided to take a job at a university?