Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Simple Remark

The selection committee was torn between two candidates for promotion. A committee member made a joke about one candidate's personality and, although the committee continued to follow the required procedures to ensure objectivity, the candidate's chances were finished.

The junior member's suggestion at the staff meeting was interpreted by one of the department heads as a veiled criticism of his professionalism. An enemy was created who would later strive to thwart the junior member's advancement.

At the annual retreat, a division head was stunned to learn that some comments he'd made to a group of interns several years ago had inspired one of them to develop a highly successful program. The division head could not remember what he'd said.

The department director asked the secretary why, year after year, all of the Special Action Reports were printed on blue paper. The secretary said she wasn't sure but she would find out. It was discovered that a department director seven years and three directors ago had said she liked the color blue.

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Anonymous said...

An incredibly important point for anybody who manages people to remember.

Also, a source of stress and sadness for anybody who wishes people would focus on what's really important.