Thursday, May 22, 2008

Miscellaneous and Fast has a new poster.

Hmmm. Are these really the ten brainiest places to retire?

Stanley Bing wants us to shop local.

Jim Stroup both informs and prepares us for the sequel in
this tale of leadership.

Debt Free gives 10 steps to avoid becoming a millionaire. [HT: Political Calculations ]

Marvelous film and an even better book: The trailer for Nobody's Fool.

Tim Berry gives a real life example of why presenters should always have a fall-back plan.

Fat City: An end to bodysnarking?

Eurociao wonders if film critics know the real Che.

Real leadership: Wally Bock on Herb Kelleher.

Guy Kawasaki interviews creativity consultant Roger von Oech.


DarkoV said...

Dead on with Russo's Nobody's Fool. A fabulous book and an (almost) equally fabulous movie. What can you say about Newman and Tandy? In a bit part, this movie is Bruce Willis' finest hour.
You can feel the crunch of the snow; Robert Benton's direction and screenplay are superb.

Michael Wade said...


I recall worrying about whether the movie would do justice to the book and yet they did an excellent job. You're right: Bruce Willis was extraordinary and Newman and Tandy are joys to watch.