Friday, May 23, 2008

Office Survival Kit

This post by Lifehacker stirred some thoughts about office survival essentials. Mine include:

  • Aaron Copland CDs

  • Raw almonds

  • Starbucks Komodo Dragon coffee

  • Moleskine tablet

  • Levenger Circa notebook and punch

  • IBM ThinkPad

  • Cross rollerball pen

  • Project boxes

Any other nominees?


DarkoV said...

1 Can of Cleaning Duster (compressed air)

Greek Worry Beads (shades of "Caine Mutiny" marbles)

1 Mexican Day of Souls figurine, to keep things in perspective.

Michael Wade said...


I love it! Great ideas!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate, "fat" pen (my handwriting is big and little, skinny pens hurt my hand), post-its, big paperclips (do not like the little ones), water, radio, talking Napoleon Dynamite statue.

Michael Wade said...

HR Wench,

Anyone who has a Napoleon Dynamite statue has skills!

comfortablezone said...

more good info on office survival kit