Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No Other Explanation?

"They have it in for me. There's no other explanation."

That's correct. That's the only possible reason unless:

  • They have other priorities;

  • They have to shift resources elsewhere;

  • You failed to make your case;

  • They didn't trust you;

  • They have a different grasp of the situation;

  • The timing isn't right;

  • They see a major downside;

  • They want to address it later;

  • They want more time to think it over;

  • They see a crisis on the horizon;

  • They like parts of it but not all of it;

  • They want to explore other options;

  • They want to see what you will do after the proposal is rejected;

  • They believe they'll get more out of a different approach;

  • They believe your proposal is a quagmire;

  • This is new territory for them and their fears have not been put to rest;

  • This is familiar territory and they see problems you don't;

  • They like your proposal but know their boss won't approve; or

  • You've asked them to take too much on faith.

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