Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Our Sophisticated Press

Consider the front page attention given to the demise of Michael Jackson and then search for the stories of real substance.

Iran seizes British diplomats? That's on page nine.

North Korea fires off more missiles? That's pages behind the story about the rescued cat.

Remember when President Bush went to Iraq and some reporter with Baathist ties threw a shoe at him? Which received greater press attention: the throwing of the shoe or the substance of the President's meeting with the Iraqi government?

Setting aside press bias - and the bias favoring the Obama administration is an embarrassment - is there any doubt that editors favor fluff, and especially celebrity-related stories, far more than ever?

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Rob said...

You're viewing the world from your perspective. The popular view of the shoe incident was that Bush deserved it, it might make funniest home videos....North Korea fires off more missiles.....'like' who cares, fire some back, we've got bigger ones....awww poor cat he's so cute....Michael Jackson, what a premature tragic loss of a great pillar of society and a role model for human endeavor.....Iran seizes British diplomats, let them deal with their own problems I'm off to watch the memorial service. Obama, Obama, Obama......we love you.....you'll fix everything....we all have faith in you.....Amen