Monday, June 28, 2010

10 Reasons for Protest

When hearing someone protest an alleged offense, it can help to determine if the person is:

  1. Genuinely offended;

  2. Not really offended but instead is trying to show that he or she is more virtuous than the alleged offender;

  3. Feigning offense in order to gain an advantage;

  4. A professional protester who makes a living from selective outrage;

  5. An advocate who would argue as vehemently for the other side if employed by that side;

  6. Genuine but hypersensitive and inclined to search high and low for offense;

  7. Protesting simply because others are doing so;

  8. A natural contrarian;

  9. Trying to divert attention from another matter; or

  10. Driven by bias more than by reason.

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