Monday, June 21, 2010

The Rosetta Stone of Management

Focus on efforts more than results. Make sure that you aren't inadvertently rewarding negative behavior. Seek to change attitudes by changing behavior. Recognize that achievement fuels dedication and dedication fuels achievement. Err on the side of overdelegation. See things through a window, not a mirror. Encourage individual initiative. Don't run if you're on the wrong road. Praise but don't overpraise. To the greatest extent possible, deal with people one-by-one. Lead by example but also talk about key values. Worry more about actions than about motives. Get rid of poor performers before they drag down your team. Expect to work in bursts. Never embarrass someone. Choose substance over style. Tell people what you want but also tell them what you don't want. Look for problems produced by procedures. Respect your time. Seek to foster a climate of trust, both in ethics and competence. Preserve your energy. Never stop developing your skills. Be curious. Learn how you learn. Stress ethical values more than legal compliance. Squash caste systems. Don't solve a team problem with an individual solution. Learn to lead by leading. Get out from behind your desk and talk with your associates. Listen more than you speak. Listen carefully for what is not said. Seek balance. Develop people. Be able to shift from one leadership style to another. Recognize that there are times to be autocratic. Go somewhere and think. Know your own strengths and weaknesses. Beware of strengths that may also be weaknesses. Be benevolent but don't tolerate cruelty or bigotry. Learn from your mistakes. Understate your case. Reduce fear by increasing control. Be wary of rapid agreement. Consult mavericks. Seek clarity in all things.

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Anonymous said...

This is the fine sort of "stream-of-consciousness" post that I enjoy most from you. I think shooting for 75 to 80 percent achievement of these tidbits on a weekly basis would be a good goal for all of us leaders! - Dan S.