Monday, June 21, 2010

Saving the Camp

If you had a base camp in the jungle, you and your team would have to get out some machetes and chop back the jungle in order to maintain a clearing for your work.

If left unattended for two or three days, the jungle would grow back. Given a week its unrestricted growth would begin to overwhelm the camp. After two weeks of neglect, it would be difficult to determine if the camp had ever existed.

There are several things you know:

  1. You can't chop back the entire jungle.

  2. It makes no sense to chop back more than is operationally required because you'd be wasting energy and time.

  3. Daily chopping is easier than chopping every two or three days but it may provide a sense of less accomplishment since the growth would be smaller.

And yet daily chopping is usually the best route. We get into trouble incrementally and we can stay out of it - the same way.

How do your in-boxes - both hard copy and electronic - look right now?

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