Friday, June 25, 2010

The Man Who Was Misunderstood

He was misunderstood at the marketing firm where he had lots of great ideas but no one agreed and he thought his boss was a manipulator and possibly even prejudiced so he left for a slot at a manufacturing company only to be disappointed that he had another loser of a boss and his co-workers were just out for themselves and it wasn't long before he was at the tech firm and you know they look sort of exciting from the outside but once you get there it's just the same as everywhere else with a bunch of people who seem so promising and then, one by one, they begin to disappoint you.


Deron said...

You could've at least thrown a comma in there because I almost passed out trying to read that but the story is all too familiar because I often find myself disappointed with those around me only to realize that I should be focusing more on giving 100% and less on lamenting about the mediocrity around me.

Michael Wade said...


I left out the comma as a test of your stamina.