Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You Are What You Read

The old anti-censorship line was "No girl was ever seduced by a book."

As much as I oppose censorship, I've always regarded that thought as rather feeble. It denies the impact of literature. Just as many of us are uplifted by what we read, so too may we be brought down via the same activity.

I've gotten to the point where my reading is carefully selected depending on what I want my mood to be. Russian literature can be gloomy (although I still read it) and an Inspector Maigret novel makes me want to sit at a boulevard cafe and wonder about the lives of strangers.

So what do you read when you want to get pumped up and which writers do you avoid?


Eclecticity said...

Tom Peters and Nicholas Bate always pump me up.

Let me think about the downers...

That's hard for me...

Maybe, in general, lightweight authors.

Not really downers, but useless to probably most anyone.

Michael Wade said...


Good choices!


Tanmay Vora said...

I get pumped up when I read short and profound posts that enlighten/delight/educate/inform/surprise me. Posts that leave me with thinking.

On the blogosphere, excessively long posts are downers - because they dilute the key message with too much of explanation.

That is the reason why I love reading Seth Godin, Nicholas Bate (King of lists), Wally Bock, Kurt Harden (at Cultural Offering), Rajesh Setty, Lisa Haneberg and ofcourse - everything you write at Execupundit.

Reka-Zsuzsanna said...

Terry Pratchett has never failed to draw out a smile or even a whole hearted laugh thus far...
Agree with E.! Nicholas Bates' energy is infectious and invigorating!