Thursday, January 13, 2011

Unconventional Questions - Update

Here's another interesting response on the previous post about unconventional interview questions. (I missed it because it was tucked in another category.)

DarkoV said...
Back in the day when DuPont was Wilmington,DE and Plastics was the magic word, H/R (or whatever it was called back it those days) @ DuPont wuld cull some of their work force from the loccal Catholic high schools. After interviewing the candidates, H/R would call the high school offices and ask one question.What was the student's attendance record.Not, what were their grades.Not, what extracurricular activities they were engaged in.Not, what were their science projects about.Simply, did they show up on time and did they stay all day.Seemed to work out fine for the DuPont Company back in their Big, Powerful, & Successful days.

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