Saturday, July 09, 2011

Behind Closed Doors: Sales Talk

"We know that our product is much better than that of our competition but badmouthing a competitor would be lethal. We need to recognize that much of our appreciation of worth comes from the fact that we are insiders who can spot virtues that the average person cannot. We live with this product.

"There's another factor. Given the economy, there are people doing work in our specialty who would not have gone near it five years ago. They have drifted in for a quick buck and are saying they can do the same thing that we do for a lower price. They really cannot provide the same quality but their message is simple and we cannot beat them on price. If the buyer's decision is made solely on price, we will lose.

"We will have to create new aspects to our product that the less experienced competitors cannot hope to match and which will be desirable to our customers. We will also have to increase our customer contacts and listen carefully to their fears and concerns. People are nervous. As a result, loyalty is fragile.

"This is not easy, but it may shake us into a clearer sense of just what we are about and how we can help people. Start the list. What type of product or service can we provide that no one else will be able to touch?"

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