Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It is a rare evening when I do not engage in some activity related to work. This may involve writing, study or planning. The activity is not a burden for I've found that doing no work is often more stressful than doing something that might eventually pay off. It also does not mean that I work constantly. Far from it, I am - to borrow a marvelous line - a towering castle of sloth.

This habit of work may be, I realize, a little weird. In my defense, let it be noted that I find a lot of connections to work in subjects that may seem unrelated. Some of the histories that are currently on my reading list contain lessons that can be applied to my consulting practice. Biographies are especially informative. I even look for novels that contain insight although in some the only insight rests in the sheer creativity of the author. [Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere" comes to mind.]

Perhaps this stems from a desire to detect commonalities and differences. Years ago, a friend stunned me when she said that she never, ever, wonders about the profession or the backgrounds of strangers. I was surprised because I thought everyone did that. We are surrounded by mysteries, clues, and great drama. One of the finest of life's entertainments is to discover the subtle connections. Evenings are well-suited for such reflections.


Wally Bock said...

Evenings are special. I rarely work in my business in the evening but I do work on it. I read, some business, mostly history and biography. I spend time with friends. I watch television with my wife. I sit on the deck with a cigar and just let the thoughts run. There's reflection, but also that re-charging and relaxation that make the intense days when I work in the business more effective. I loved the comment on connections because they're what fascinate me. You don't get to that by research until you've already had an insight and that comes, most usually, from reflection, in the evening.

Michael Wade said...


Thanks. I like your comment about not working in the business in the evening but working on it. That's an important part of finding the magic.