Sunday, July 10, 2011

Morale Question

A quiet question for leaders with a divided team:

Is it that you have some people on your team who are whiners and complainers while the others are satisfied or that the others don't care enough to be upset and the complainers have a stronger commitment and sense of responsibility?


Bob said...

I guess it depends what they are whinging about and whether they are still producing effective results. I see types of whiners/complainers, passive and aggressive. The passive ones are generally frustrated for some reason or another, their frustration may or may not be in the sphere of your control. The aggressive whiners are just generally selfish unreasonable people whom only see their world. Where they use their unreasonableness and aggression to get their own way. I can live with the passive, the aggressive are better to move on....

Michael Wade said...


Good point. There are some whiners who are truly aggressive.