Sunday, August 28, 2011


Under the weather. [No pun intended.] Especially in Phoenix where the weather ranges from comfortably warm to chilly to very hot. We are still in the last stage and will be for some time. It still amazes me how sparse the traffic is on weekends. A common practice among us desert denizens is to hide out like lizards until the sun goes down.

Anyway, I'm fighting this bizarre sinus/ear problem with a variety of home remedies. The ones involving pain must be the best since we all know that pain is needed for improvement.

Bear with me. I'm reading some more of C. S. Lewis on miracles and then taping the book to my forehead.


Eclecticity said...

My 16 year old athlete says "pain is weakness leaving the body."

Get well soon Michael.

"Be healed Brother!" E.

Kurt Harden said...

Get well soon.


Michael Wade said...

Many thanks. I'm on the mend and moving about.