Thursday, August 18, 2011

Career Techniques

Some people build a career by:

  1. Keeping a low profile.

  2. Being underestimated.

  3. Being not brilliant but thoroughly reliable.

  4. Being pleasant.

  5. Periodically coming up with one or two great ideas.

  6. Looking the part.

  7. Knowing when to leave a meeting.

  8. Knowing when to keep quiet.

  9. Knowing when to be blunt.

  10. Being discreet.

  11. Trying new things.

  12. Calming the waters.

  13. Putting out corporate fires.

  14. Making the boss look good.

  15. Showing up.

  16. Thinking ten years ahead of everyone else.

  17. Spotting areas of vulnerability.

  18. Doing their homework.

  19. Hustling.

  20. Fitting in.

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