Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Did You Notice?

Did you notice...

  • The slight pause?

  • What was not said?

  • That one glance?

  • Who was carrying the materials?

  • Who got into the car first?

  • The person who was never interrupted?

  • The one who didn't have to raise his voice?

  • When they started to stall?

  • The precision and then the sudden ambiguity?

  • What was tucked in-between the favorable descriptions?

  • When they gave too much detail?

  • Who spoke on which topics?

  • How often qualifying phrases were used?

  • The person who said nothing?

  • The mistake on the third page?

  • The shift in topics?

  • The new alliance?

  • The change in due dates?

  • A crack in their previous position?

  • The argument that went unanswered?

  • The rate of speech?

  • They did not speak with one voice?

  • The designated jerk?

  • The poor choice of words?

  • What was missing from the summary?

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