Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Peter Pan with a Baseball Cap on Backwards

Cultural Offering goes after adults who want to act like kids. An excerpt:

I have developed a theory about many of our societal problems. We have spawned a nation of children. Some of these grown up children were created by their very own parents who willingly raise the grandchildren as the grown up children wander through life from drama to drama, or by holding their tongue as the grown up children make bad decision after bad decision. Others have been created by the societal parent - our government - which pays these adult children not to make good decisions, not to get jobs and to bring more and more children into a world where they will soon be unwelcome.

But it doesn't stop there; it is more pervasive and spreads across socio-economic levels. We are a nation of adults who fear growing up more than almost everything. Growing up is associated with getting older and God forbid we become old and "uncool". We need to dress young, act young, look young, be young.

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