Tuesday, October 11, 2011


An audience member just frowned. That means:
1. There's disagreement with what I just said.
2. I'm going to get a challenge in the question period.
3. The chairs are uncomfortable.
4. I'm boring them.
5. Something that has nothing to do with me.

It has been nine hours and there is no response to my email. That means:
1. She hates the idea.
2. She didn't get it.
3. She's upset with me.
4. I should have called.
5. She's busy.

He listened to our proposal and said he'll have to think about it. That means:
1. Forget about it.
2. We should have listed more benefits.
3. The folder was a turn-off.
4. Carson talked too much.
5. He'll have to think about it.

[Consider how often the correct interpretation is #5.]


Bob said...

Somebody I know the day before yesterday got a promotion and over night they started wondering why they got the opportunity and their assessment was because they were only selected because the organisation didn't want the person who expected to get the promotion to get the role. I for a fact know that wasn't the case and he was a perfect choice for the role. It was a surprise to me that a seemingly confident and capable person was full of self doubt all of their own conjuring. I provided the appropriate reassurance, and was genuinely excited they got the opportunity.

Michael Wade said...


I coach a lot of execs and have found that many, despite their many skills and achievements, believe that they have faked their way into promotions.


Anonymous said...

I have to keep repeating to myself, "It's not about me, it's not about me" because I'm forever jumping to such wrong conclusions. Great post and good reminder!

Michael Wade said...

I'm glad you liked it.