Monday, October 10, 2011

Survival Essentials

The film "Contagion" raises an interesting question of what you would do if a highly contageous illness made grocery stores off-limits and the police force was unlikely to come when called.

I came home from the theater and pondered our sparse supplies. You don't need to subscribe to survivalist publications to wonder whether it might be wise to stock up on a few things.

Oddly enough, we were fairly well-supplied with water. (That's not always the case.) The food supply could have stretched to perhaps a week at most with only one meal a day. The weapons arsenal is not bad but could be expanded. We're a little low on barbed wire and animal traps.

So the larder needs food that can last a long time; the staples of life so to speak, such as beer, Pop Tarts, Jack Daniels, jerky, and Twinkies.

I haven't surfaced that list with the family. I'm sure they will approve.


Kurt Harden said...

Some things are best not run by the family first. Off to the store with you now.

Michael Wade said...


I agree. Wait until they see the Twinkie shelf!