Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Training Input

You probably know that, along with coaching and consulting, I teach workshops. We've noticed over the years that subjects rise and fall and rise again in popularity. A topic that is dead today will be up and running six months from now. Ones that we think will be hot are not and others are surprisingly popular. So here are two questions:

1. If you were going to rank the following subjects on whether they would be of serious interest to you or your associates, in which order would the top five fall?

Leadership Skills, Equal Employment Opportunity, Harassment Prevention, Ethical Decision Making, Customer Service, Communicating with Diverse Groups, Affirmative Action Planning, Effective Supervisory Practices, Dealing with Difficult People, How to Discipline an Employee, Time Management, Being a Supportive Team Player, and Working with Your Boss.

2. Is there a topic missing that you think would be of serious interest to you or your associates?


Kurt Harden said...

Effective supervisory skills, Working with your boss, Ethical decision making, How to discipline an employee, and Time Management

Michael Wade said...




Bob said...

I took a creative license....
"Work and Life Time Management"
"Leading from the middle - Stand out in the crowd"
"Effective supervision without being a tyrant"
"Applying risk management strategies"
"Understanding social media and the young generation - Leading younger people"