Saturday, February 18, 2012

Art Break: Gerrard

Art Contrarian looks at the work of military illustrator Howard Gerrard.


CincyCat said...

Yesterday, I showed my mom the Art Contrarian's blog for the first time. She paints watercolor, and is really good, I think, even if she doesn't think so herself. (Currently, she is working on a study of apple blossoms on gray and black canvas - a new concept for her...)

Anyway, we spent about an hour going through some of the recent entries in Art Contrarian's blog, and she thoroughly enjoyed them all - especially the vintage ad illustrations. She could name all of the techniques & colors of Gerrard's work, and it was really cool to listen to her in her "element."

Thank you for including a link to the AC's blog!


Michael Wade said...


You're welcome. It must have been fun to hear someone who knows the subject give some commentary on the illustrations.