Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Music Lessons

One of my regrets is never having taken music lessons. Learning to play the piano is on my list and since we already have one in the house, it seems logical.

I once toyed with the idea of bagpipe lessons (spare me the poisonous barbs) until I heard about various throat ailments that often afflict pipers. Since public speaking is part of my job, that seemed risky. One sage recommended learning an instrument that can be taken on trips but the guitar quickly defeated me and other portable instruments never grabbed my attention. Besides, who wants to torment passengers on cruise ships and trains?

So the piano it is.

I'm not rushing into lessons, but the mere act of writing this post has nudged me closer to beginning.


Kurt Harden said...

Violin. You can sit in the corner of your study and make noise.

Michael Wade said...


I was watching "Sherlock Holmes" the other night and that thought crossed my mind.


Helen said...

Piano is a great instrument to start on. Once you learn how to read the notes, it's just pushing buttons. If you're a good typist on the computer, you'll be fine on the piano.
I've taught piano for almost 10 years. Feel free to ask me anything. Good Luck!

Michael Wade said...


Thanks for the interesting perspective and the kind offer!