Friday, February 24, 2012

Team Project Index

People assigned to project: 10
People working on project: 2
People who strongly care about the result: 2
People who will want to influence the result even if they do not care about it: 8
People who will do the necessary homework: 2
People who will weasel out of any serious work: 6
People who might do a minor task if asked nicely by the workers: 1
People who will volunteer to help the workers: 0
People who think the serious workers are too pushy: 4
People who are keeping distance in case the project doesn't work out: 5
People who will want credit if the project is a success: 10
People who will seek to escape blame if the project is not a success: 8
People who will vow never to get roped into such a project again: 2


Eclecticity said...

Brilliant Michael. One for future books. E.

Michael Wade said...


Thanks! I think we've all seen this.