Saturday, January 12, 2013


Do we really need to remind ourselves that:

  • Getting up early is better than sleeping in?
  • A day of achievement is more fulfilling than goofing off?
  • Staying within budget is a sound practice?
  • Finishing school is wiser than dropping out?
  • Being ethical requires "being judgmental?"
  • Not every scrawl or hoot is art?
  • Otherwise good people can do shabby things?
  • A promise is a commitment?
  • Strength is safer than weakness?
  • Life requires some poetry?
  • We are what we do?
  • Wisdom should be sought?
  • Dependency can be dangerous?
  • Solid results far exceed good intentions?
  • Self-discipline trumps "letting it all hang out?"
  • One symphony by Beethoven beats all of the rap and hip hop ever written?

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