Thursday, January 10, 2013

Experience Shows That...

  1. "They" probably aren't idiots.
  2. You won't have enough information.
  3. The initial determination of the problem is incorrect.
  4. Complex analysis is fine but complicated plans are not.
  5. Some of the biggest bastards regard themselves as idealists.
  6. Intentions mean very little when compared to results.
  7. Large organizations are collections of tribes.
  8. When considering a workplace culture, you should watch out for the sub-cultures.
  9. It pays to know why walls were built and trails were cut.
  10. The simplest tasks will take a great deal of time.
  11. Someone feels left out.
  12. Experience matters.
  13. A few of your facts aren't facts.
  14. Logic is a foreign tongue to many.
  15. One size doesn't fit all.
  16. Your charm won't be enough.
  17. You should listen to the mavericks even if you don't buy all of their points.
  18. The sure thing isn't.
  19. The analysis contains an apple that is really an orange.
  20. If there are a lot of weasel words then a weasel is nearby.
  21. It pays to choose your mistakes.

1 comment:

Bob said...

And through all this mire you still have to get paid and try and make a profit. The constant is that whatever you are doing at some point has to be paid for by somebody else...