Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Unintended Consequences

  • Emphasize legal compliance and you may erode ethical responsibilities. [You can do a lot of terrible things and still comply with the law.]
  • Emphasize risk avoidance and you may wind up with a timid bunch of people who fear any action.
  • Emphasize social skills and you may find yourself surrounded by office politicians who will tell you everything but the truth.
  • Emphasize coordination and you may see decisions kicked upstairs.
  • Emphasize "open door" and your schedule may be shredded. 
  • Emphasize speed and you may lose quality.
  • Emphasize style and substance may be devalued.
  • Emphasize candor and you may soon long for caring.
  • Emphasize teams and you may drive off talented mavericks.

    Balance, direction, observation, and adjustment are crucial. You are not programming a rocket launch. You are steering a ship.

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