Friday, January 04, 2013

When Managers Are Broken Windows

Snarling your way to the top seldom works.

The top dogs may be tough but they usually are amiable and get along well with others. [The idea that organizations routinely demand swinish behavior may please screenwriters but it doesn't match reality.] A sure way for any would-be occupant of a corner office to sink that career goal is for the word to get out that he or she lacks "people skills."

Obviously, there are exceptions. Those examples are seized upon as supportive evidence by many a dysfunctional contender and organization. What surprises me is how willing they are to rationalize conduct which many, in their private moments of candor, admit is undesirable.

The exceptions exist because they are tolerated. When it comes to the reputation of organizations, these individuals resemble the famous "broken windows" which announce that, at certain points, disorder prevails.

And you know what happens to a building if broken windows are not promptly repaired.

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