Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Annual Physical Today

Type of doctor: Internal medicine. The intellectuals of the medical world. Surgeons, on the other hand, are fighter pilots.
Preparation: The sort of list you might have when taking an old truck to a mechanic.
Amount of time needed: Enough. I once dropped a doctor who rushed through physicals. If I'm going to have an exam, it should be a real exam. My current doctor gives plenty of time.
Office environment: Could they make it more inviting? How about some music in the lobby? A few paintings on the wall?
Process I still need to get used to: Doctors entering info on a computer during exams. I hope they type better than they write.
Most feared medical equipment: No contest. The scale.


Kurt Harden said...

I always wonder how my doctor (who I like) would feel if I stared down at a computer, pecking away during the exam. It doesn't work.

Michael Wade said...

One of my doctor's undergrad degrees was in computer science. I refrained from showing him my museum-quality cell phone.