Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mistaking a Finger for the Moon

Michael P. Maslanka
has sound advice for dealing with mentors. An excerpt:

Here is the one piece of advice I would want a mentee to remember always: Question authority. I know that sounds odd. After all, collective wisdom says that mentors teach and mentees learn. That's not quite right. As a dying Buddha remarked to his disciples, "My finger may point you to the moon, but do not confuse my finger with the moon."

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Jeff said...

Here's my position and lesson learned - mentors don't teach, they point you in a particular direction. You won't get the lesson instantly - it may take a day, it may take years. Insight is a journey, not a sudden revelation.

Buddha was right - the "aha" moment is not his finger...it's the moon and the journey towards it...

- J.