Saturday, March 02, 2013

Modern Life: Diets

I am not saying that a long, healthy life is not a worthy goal. I am merely saying that if the goal means no more chili cheese dogs, no more ranch-flavored Doritos, no more black-and-white milkshakes, then the price may be too high. The settlers at Jamestown did not come here dreaming of a steady diet of walnuts and olive oil. Those guys loved fats and carbs and sugar. America was built by men and women who never ate arugula.

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Rick said...

Ha! The Queenan article is funny. I agree 100% with the idea that people should have the freedom to eat whatever they want. The challenge, of course, is to actually be aware of the physical and mental impact of the foods you're choosing. Most people are so chronically inflamed and sick (albiet subtle) that they have no idea how much better they'd feel without crap food. Before transitioning to smarter food choices, I couldn't imagine living without certain foods. Once I experimented with eliminating and reintroducing certain foods and feeling the effects of the choices, it takes away the desire to eat them. Enjoy the freedom of junk food, but personally know and experience the impact. Oh, and as a side note, the Mediterranean Diet relies heavily on gut irritants from grains, dairy, and legumes so for someone chronically inflamed, this one isn't going to help much.