Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Modern Workplace: The Ambush

The classic ambush is where, prior to a meeting, a person implies support or opposition to a particular position and then switches that stance at the meeting without giving advance notice of the change.

Often, no harm is intended but the ambush ranks high as a way to lose trust.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Michael. Some people put their political ambitions above values ​​like friendship and trust. Incidentally, I ask: would the company the ideal place to do politics?

Michael Wade said...


Interesting question. I can't think of an organization of any significant size that is free of politics.


CincyCat said...

You are right that most of the time, there is no malicious intent.

But, I think this brings to light the fact that we are, perhaps, too hasty in making such promises. Many times, we feel compelled to support our "friends" even though it goes against our better judgement.

Likewise, the person requesting support must be reasonable, and know that sometimes things simply can't go according to plan. (Especially if Big Boss opens the meeting with an announcement about budget cuts.)