Saturday, March 02, 2013

TV Westerns: Brief Descriptions

"The Rifleman" - Father and son struggle to maintain small ranch. Pa goes to town once a week and shoots some people.
"Have Gun Will Travel" - Entrepreneur with pest control business plays chess and hands out business cards to people who have never seen a business card.
"Bonanza" - Distraught father cannot figure out how to get aging sons to leave home.
"Maverick" - Two neer-do-well brothers gamble and quote an obscure philosopher named Pappy.
"Kung Fu" - Wandering pacifist goes from town to town, beating up bullies, and striving to live down childhood nickname.
"Gunsmoke" - Local giant, hired to enforce the law, socializes in saloon while unaware of thriving prostitution racket upstairs.

Other nominees?


LA Grant said...

Rawhide - "Thousands of cattle on the way to the slaughterhouse put the minor problems of a trailing pack of humans in perspective."

Wagon Train - "Stories from the pre-internal combustion days of a trailer park on the move to a Golden Land now in receivership."

The Virginian - "A humorless Wyoming ranch hand dressed all in black whose real name is unknown requires everyone to smile."

Michael Wade said...


Those are great!

I especially like "The Virginian."