Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Joy at Work

What are the things that produce joy on the job? Some nominees:

  • Discovering something important that few, if any, others have noticed.
  • Helping people succeed.
  • Looking back on a job and realizing that it was done even better than you believed at the time.
  • Doing what others thought was impossible.
  • Justifying the optimists and frustrating the pessimists.
  • Giving someone a break.
  • Honing your skills.
  • Cutting through the fog.
  • Learning from others.
  • Preventing a bad decision.
  • Foiling a weasel.
  • Connecting the dots.
  • Others?


Dan in Philly said...

Michael, I've notices an odd meme throughout the internet lately, to the effect that all jobs are crummy. I think your list here is a good reminder that even in an ordinary job you can indeed find joy. Thank you.

Michael Wade said...


Thank you!!