Thursday, April 11, 2013

Smartphones and Dumb Users

Who among us can truthfully say that we have never been distracted by our smartphones while driving? My solution is to wear an earset, and put the phone in the trunk. That way I can answer calls; but, I am not tempted to pick the damn thing up. *

FutureLawyer gives the above tip and points to stupid things to do with your smartphone and how to fix them.

[* Execupundit: I know of one person who has never had that problem.]


Richard (Rick) Georges said...

LOL. But, Michael, how many times have you been distracted by brushing your magnificent head of hair in the car? Or, looking over at the beautiful blonde in the car next to you? LOL.

Michael Wade said...


I'll pass that on to my wife, who is a beautiful brunette, and my hair, which is gray and sparse.


CincyCat said...

My solution: Set phone to vibrate (it's almost always on vibrate anyway). Place in purse. Zip purse closed. Toss purse on the floor of the passenger side of the car (out of reach), or better, in the back seat. Enjoy the drive. :)

Personally, I found that having kids in the car is a HUGE distraction, especially if they are under the age of four. They are almost as distracting as looking at a text.

Michael Wade said...


Good solution. I normally have my phone on vibrate because I find it less disruptive and less irritating.