Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Learning from the Movies: A Bad Day

If you've seen many films you know it's a bad day when:
  1. A submarine captained by Gregory Peck docks at an Australian port.
  2. Robert De Niro asks if you're talking to him.
  3. George C. Scott tells you he'll be there as soon as possible and then adds, "Say your prayers."
  4. Jack Nicholson just keeps typing in the lobby.
  5. Sean Connery asks you to be his best man at a wedding north of the Khyber Pass.
  6. The first song you hear every morning is "I've Got You Babe.".
  7. Your roommate is named Queequeg.
  8. The dentist keeps asking, "Is it safe?"
  9. While recuperating with a leg injury, you use binoculars to watch the apartments across the way.
  10. You discover that your robot can read lips.
[1. On the Beach; 2. Taxi Driver; 3. Dr. Strangelove; 4. The Shining; 5. The Man Who Would Be King; 6. Groundhog Day; 7. Moby Dick; 8. Marathon Man; 9. Rear Window; 10. 2001: A Space Odyssey.] 

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