Saturday, August 03, 2013

The Tiger in the Corner

The sweet projects - let's call them the Donuts and Cinnamon Rolls - are grabbed quickly. People savor them and there is no difficulty getting anyone to make a selection. But just as things are looking pretty comfy and people are licking their fingers, someone calls attention to a tough, dangerous, and unpleasant subject - a Tiger - that has been stretched out in the corner behind a potted plant. Several people scramble on top of the conference table. A few shiver. Some even throw Donuts at the Tiger, but he seems to have his mind on bigger prey.

The opinions are quickly voiced that we may not have time to deal with the Tiger; perhaps we can put it on a future agenda; and that if we just leave the room quietly, we'll probably never see him again. Don't be surprised if someone declares that it's not really a Tiger, but just a large and harmless house cat.

The team members who deserve special credit are those who are willing to discuss and confront the problem of the Tiger.


Consider how often the Tiger is ignored.

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